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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Aart ★★★★

    Hoofddorp Jan 04, 2020 Cowboy 2

    The Cowboy bike is just awesome. Very fresh in all of its being, a step into the future of cycling. Not only the bike itself, but the very young company behind it too, with it's IT focus, online only and excellent aftersales service. Really refreshing! As for the bike itself: it's amazing. It does all it should do really well. However, as it's sold, it has a limited bandwidth of use. The seating position and the (in)stability of the bike is really aggressive. It's not for everyone and not for every day. I fitted mudguards (SKS ones), a small luggage carrier and swapped the steer for a 10cm wider one with 5cm of rise. That makes the bike a lot more relaxed and usable for commuting as I do. Cowboy might want to start selling a different version, or give some options for customization. When it turns out to be reliable and dependable, I'm really happy with my Cowboy.

    Cowboy answer

    Hello Aart,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback and great to hear you love the bike and the service 😃

    We did already test several accessories. You can find them here (( Next to that we have developed our own mudguards as well that you can purchase them on our website.

    The Cowboy Team

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