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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Chris ★★★★★

    Paris Sep 14, 2021 Cowboy 3

    I have only travelled 350km with my bike in a month. After a period of absolute satisfaction (light, fast, silent and exempt from mechanical noises) I am afraid it is already showing signs of wear: crank and pedal noises, vibrations in the belt, crackling noises in the saddle and quite loud spoke noises. I thought the simplicity of the design would prevent those, I hope the quality of the components will meet my expectations in the long run. As far as the motor is concerned, it is not powerful enough for uphill starts, meaning huge pressure has to be applied to the pedals, therefore causing more cracking. I have obviously greased all the necessary parts, being used to bicycle maintenance. Sometimes the motor gives an impression of heavy drag at speeds below 25 kmh. In spite of these weaknesses it is still a pleasant bike to ride, I can only hope it is designed to last.

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