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  • Jennifer ★★★★

    Amsterdam Oct 31, 2019 Cowboy 2

    So, I love my Cowboy, but the bike sold is in NO WAY fit for purpose. To make it into a usable city bike, I’ve swapped out the handlebars/added a front-loader, added mudguards (obviously...), and swapped out the tires for Schwalbe anti-puncture ones (I got a flat within 15 days of riding on the tissue paper thin tires that come as standard). The lack of a stand (or the real option of adding one) is a disgrace, especially given we’re talking about a pretty eBile, which I don’t want to get scratched up. But... it’s a dream to ride and looks gorgeous. So if you’re a medium height woman who doesn’t mind spending a load of extra money at the bike shop... buy a Cowboy.

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