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  • Rob ★★★★

    Zwolle Jan 03, 2020 Cowboy 2

    The Cowboy V2019 is an electric bike with two faces. On the one hand it's stylish, has a minimalistic design and runs smoother than any other bike at its pricepoint. Being advertised as a solution for urban mobility on the other hand is more difficult to agree on. The frontlight doesn't give enough focused light to be of much use on roads without sufficient streetlights and the omission of fenders is difficult to accept. How are you going to use a bike without fenders as an urban solution when due to those missing fenders the bike isn't really usable as a get-to-work-machine when the roads are ever so slightly wet? Combine that with a missing stand, no lock and a poor choice of tires (which has been dealt with at the end of 2019 by Cowboy) and the conclusion is two-sided. Yes, it runs smoothly, it achieves it's advertised range at the 25 km/h-setting, but you will need to add fenders, a lock and maybe a better front light to be able to fully use the potential of this bike. If you are willing to spend some €100-150 euro's on it, it will be perfect for its intended use. Still, looking at a grand total of €2100-2150 it's still not that expensive if you compare it to its rivals like VanMoof and Ampler.

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