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Cowboy 3

One for the Road


The legendary C3 send-off has ended. See you on the streets.

The last-ever C3s to be made went quick on delivery and low on price. Soon enough the e-bike made for the streets will be with many new riders for years to come.

Explore Classic

Shift your ride, not gears. Find the fastest way to move in the city as the bike adapts intuitively to power the speed you need.

Move Free

The app senses when you're nearby to unlock automatically.

Built-in convenience

The removable battery is discretely integrated into the bike frame. The only time you'll notice it is when you take it out and carry it inside to recharge.

Range: 40-80 km depending on riding conditions Charging time: 3.5 h
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Auto Unlock

The app senses when you're nearby to unlock automatically.


With a powerful first kick, the motor assistance matches your pedalling force for the ultimate riding experience.

Removable battery

Remove the battery when you need a charge, then be on your way in a snap.

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Live the supercharged life, and things just click into place. With a full battery charge and an app connected to your bike and the road, you've got nothing to lose. Just ride.

Street Smarts

Smart companion

With a constant ally tuned into the road, it will keep you moving well informed.


Go anywhere, and we'll guide to your favourite spots with an eye toward the clearest route.

Ride stats

Move your feet and your mind and we'll show you what you've gained with each ride.

Discover the app

No Fear

Be alerted if someone attempts to snatch your bike, with real-time tracking to help you get it back.*
* Included with Theft Insurance.

Theft Detection

Be alerted if someone attempts to snatch your bike, with real-time tracking to help you get it back.*
* Included with Theft Insurance.

Crash Detection

Embedded sensors detect a fall and talk to the app to alert your emergency contacts.

Integrated lights

Lights integrated into the frame give you always-on visibility day and night.


Features 06

  • Resilient Tyres

    All-rounder tyres with flexible grip and a puncture-resistant layer.

  • Carbon Belt

    A smooth and steady ride with no oily chain and no maintenance up to 10,000 km.

  • Hydraulic disc brakes

    Brakes with total stopping power the second you make contact.

  • Find My Bike

    GPS tracking so you know where your bike is and can track it anytime.

  • Range

    The removable battery has up to 70 km battery autonomy and weighs only 2.4 kg.

  • Lightweight

    An agile ride weighing in at only 18.2 kg makes it versatile for city life.

Key specifications 10
Price Sold out
Colors Black, Mineral
Rider's height Optimized for riders between 170-195 cm tall
Weight 18.2 kg total weight, including battery
Battery range 40-80 km depending on riding conditions
Charging time 100% recharged in 3.5 hours
Assist speed 25 km/h
Included in box 4 mm, 5 mm and 6mm Allen keys, belt spanner
Warranty 2 years
Control mode Connected phone with app + battery unlock
Bike 10
Frame Aluminium 6061
Fork Aluminium 6061
Belt Gates™ CDN carbon belt
Sprockets 63 front & 22 rear teeth (gear ratio 2.86), made of steel for the rear and alloy for the front
Handlebar 540 mm width, 7 deg sweep, 15 mm rise
Brakes Tektro, Hydraulic, HD-R310 system (with HD-M285 levers)
Brake pads Tektro F10BS
Tyres 42mm custom Cowboy tyres with a flexible grip and a puncture protection layer
Saddle Cowboy-custom saddle
Seat post Due to global supply constraints, the seat post of your bike might be different than shown on the website.
Electronics 05
Motor Custom designed 30 Nm / 250 W motor, integrated into the rear wheel
Connectivity Bluetooth Low Energy
Battery 10 Ah, 360 Wh
Charger Custom designed 36V / 3A charger
Mobile app iOS and Android. Secure, digital-key lock and unlock via personal app.
The app is available in English, Dutch, French and German.
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Rider reviews

    Cowboy 3

A reliable prediction

With Cowboy, you'll always have a reliable source of power when you're on the road.

The app uses predictive technology to calculate your remaining autonomy based on your riding behaviour. Whether you're usually carrying an extra heavy load, requiring more power from the motor and battery, or cycling in tough road conditions, you'll always know about how much power you have to get to where you're going and back.

And if ever we detect you'll soon run out of juice or won't have enough for the return trip, we'll notify you it's about time to recharge or switch to power saving as you ride.

Battery level estimation

With Cowboy, you're in charge. We keep you informed of your current battery level before, during and after each ride so you can always plan ahead.

Through predictive technology in the app, we show you how much you'll have left at the end of the ride. If you'll run out of power soon, we'll notify you that it's time to recharge. Then simply remove the battery with a turn of a key and carry it inside. It weighs only 2.4 kg and charges fully in 3.5 hours.

With proper care of your battery, you'll get the most out of its expected range so you can roam further. It's common for lithium ion batteries to reach a lower range in different conditions, such as during cold weather when it can temporarily lose up to 10km of autonomy, or in more challenging terrain like hilly roads or start-and-stop traffic.

How AdaptivePower works


As you ride, the bike detects any resistance that could slow you down, like a strong headwind, steep incline or extra weight, then adapts automatically to give you the power you need to overcome the elements.


There's 45 Nm of torque in a compact and silent motor as soon as you push ahead. Torque sensors know when you need more power to take an incline with ease.


With you in control, the motor gives you seamless support at low and high speeds. No gears, just a constant source of power.

Chain drive

Anti-rust steel chain with 72|36 tooth front and rear sprocket for a smooth riding cadence perfectly in tune with our IntuitivePower ride feeling

Gates Carbon belt drive

High-mileage bicycle drive with a single loop of carbon for a cleaner, quieter ride and a higher gear ratio for a calmer pedalling cadence

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